A Tale of Two George Flinns_(0)

"And just who the hell are you!?" George asked.

"I'm George Flinn, the owner of this place... I mean tenant... Ooh, whatever, I'm the guy who lives here!" George's duplicate replied.

"This too weird." George though aloud, taking a moment to take in what was currently happening. His duplicate took this as a sign that continuing to be freaked out wasn't getting anywhere, and took a deep breath.

"Yeah, I know." He said.

"I mean, how is this even happening?" George asked.

"I don't know. One second I'm waking out the bathroom, the next, I see another me walking out of it." George's double said much more calmly.

"How do you think I feel? I walked out of the bathroom, and I see another me right in front of me." George replied.

"Well, I think you might have felt the same way I did. They aren't very different scenarios.." His duplicate replied.

"I know, it's just... This is really hard to take in, I mean, I'm literally talking to myself." George said, struggling to take it all in.

"Yeah, I know. Maybe we should take minute to process this... Want a glass of water?" George's duplicate offered.

"Yeah, thanks, I could really use one right now." George replied.

A few moments later, both Georges found themselves standing in the living room, next to the table, with a glass of water in their hands.

"So, what are we going to do now? There can't be two of me running around, how could that possibly work?" George's duplicate asked as he took a gulp of water.

"Wait, how could we make it work?" George asked.

"Well... We could avoid people seeing two of me by only leaving in shifts." George duplicate suggested.

George smiled. "Yeah, or we could disguise ourselves, and go get another job." He suggested.

George's duplicate smiled. "Ooh yeah, we'd make so much more money!" He said excitedly.

"Exactly!" George responded with equal enthusiasm.

"I'm starting to see the benefits of having two of me." George's duplicate said.

"Yeah, like twice as much free time." George said.

"And having someone who agrees with you in everything." His duplicate said.

"Having someone who can't judge you, because he's exactly the same." George said.

"Having two of me is awesome!" Both Georges exclaimed.

"Here's to randomly becoming two!" George's duplicate said, offering a toast with his glass of water.

"Cheers!" George said as he tapped his duplicate's glass with his. "Wait, how did this even happen anyway?" He asked.

"Hmm.." George's duplicate thought to himself for a minute. "If I had to guess, I'd bet it was that weird-ass rock we found earlier." He answered. "Wait, where is that rock anyway?" He asked.

"I don't know. I haven't seen it. I assumed you moved it or something." George responded.

"No, I didn't move it. I had like five seconds after I got out of the bathroom before you showed up." George's duplicate explained. The two Georges then spent the next several minutes looking for the rock, but to no avail.

"I can't find it anywhere." George said.

"Do you think it could have vanished?" His duplicate asked.

"I guess it could have, but that's hardly the weirdest thing to happen tonight." George said.

His duplicate laughed. "Yeah I guess you're right, but that just got me thinking... What if this whole cloning thing isn't permanent? What if this only last a short while? Or what if it is permanent? How will we share things like dates, and family members and stuff?" George's duplicate asked.

George thought to himself for a few moments. "Well, if its permanent, then I guess we'll just have to live with it and find a way. And if it's not, then I guess we won't have to worry about it... And as far as dates go, we don't get enough to worry about that. How long has it even been since the last one?" George asked.

"It's been like a whole year man. If it weren't for our habit of jerking off, we'd have a serious case of blue balls right now." His duplicate replied.

George laughed. "Yeah you're right. But still, it gets lonely after a while."

"Well, you won't have to worry about that as long as I'm here." George's duplicate replied jokingly.

"Yeah but, I can't have sex with you, that's... I don't even know what that would be." George answered.

"Well, I don't think I'd be gay. It has to be sex with a different man for it to be gay, right?" George's duplicate asked.

"Yeah, it doesn't count if you do it with yourself. It doesn't count if you jerk yourself off right?" George asked.

"Right. I'd be like masturbation, so it's also not incest." George's duplicate answered.

George laughed. "This is the weirdest conversation I've ever had, and I ended up having with someone that's supposed to be impossible to have it with."

His duplicate laughed. "I was thinking the same thing. I mean how would it even work? I don't care how hot I find myself, I'm not shoving anything up my ass." He said.

George laughed again. "Well, I'm sure there doesn't have to be any penetration for it t count as sex, especially if we don't want to. But do you think I'm hot?" He asked chuckling.

"Of course. I have no shame in calling myself hot." His duplicate answered.

"Yeah, now that you mention it, I am pretty sexy. All that working out really paid off. I haven't paid much attention to it until I got to see my own body through you." George said.

"I know what you mean. This is way different from using a mirror. I see myself very differently now." George's duplicate said.

George smiled, and raised an eyebrow. "How so?"

His duplicate scanning George. "Well, I see myself as sexy for one, and I see some qualities my body has that I'd never noticed."

"Yeah, like the fact that I have much nicer looking eyes than I thought I had." George said.

"And how my arms look much more toned like this." George's duplicate said.

"And not to mention how my legs look more toned too, but they could use more hair." George said.

"Ooh, and I never thought to look at this, but since this happened, I began to notice that even my feet don't look completely hideous." George's duplicate said.

George laughed. "I've never wanted to kiss a man before, until now." George said jokingly.

His duplicate laughed as well. "Me neither. But now that you mention it, I have wondered how good of a kisser I am."

George and his duplicate then walked up to each other smiling. They stood face to face, and they stood closely to each other.

"Would you mind if I figured that out for myself?" George asked with a big grin on his face.

"Not at all sexy." George's duplicate replied with an equally big grin on his face.

The two Georges then placed one of their hands behind the other's head, while they placed the other hand on the other's waist. They leaned their heads forward, and met in the middle with a soft kiss. They almost twitched at the electrifying sensation. They then opened their mouths, and kissed again, and felt the same pleasurable sensation. Again, they opened their mouths, kissed, felt the same sensation, and repeated the process over and over again, with each kiss becoming more intimate, and pleasurable. They began to massage each other's identical lips with their own, while their hands began to massage each other's equally firm ass. It didn't take long before they both felt confident enough to open their mouths again, and allow their identical tongues to become thoroughly acquainted with both each other, and the inside of each other's mouths. They couldn't help but moan softly at the incredible feeling of pleasure as they simultaneously tasted their own mouths and tongues through each other. They quickly came to crave such a level of pleasure, and joy.

"Holy shit, that was..." George began.

"...Delicious. I've never kissed anyone that came close to that." His duplicate finished for him.

"Exactly. I'm the best kisser I know." George said before leaning in and resuming the make out session.

The two Georges continued to passionately make out, and feel each other's firm bodies. As they did, they began to feel the excitement manifest into erections, which made them briefly stop for a moment.

"I see that I'm making you very excited there George." George said flirtatiously.

"What can I say? Only I could get myself this exited. I'm just glad that I'm making myself just as excited George." George's duplicate replied in the same tone.

"Only I could make me this exited." George replied, smiling.

The two then went back to passionately making out, but this time, they felt more adventurous, as they used the hand that wasn't on the other's ass, to reach down, and go under each other's shorts, then boxers, and finally grab on to their identically erect dicks. Upon touching it, they both felt a strong jolt of shivering pleasure that made them only want to continue. They then began to delicately stroke each other, enjoying each shot of shivering joy that came with it. They couldn't help but moan a little louder, and more frequently now, but they only took pride in the sounds they made the other make, and upped the ante. By the time that they both began to leak some precum, they took yet another break to swiftly remove their shirts, shots and boxers. They now stood in front of each other completely naked, and completely erect.

"Damn, I'm one sexy basturd." George's duplicate said flirtatiously.

"You got that right, now come here sexy!" George said as he pulled his duplicate in for another round of making out, but now with the additional erotic sensation of feeling their identical firm bodies pressed against each other with no barriers in between.

They both wrapped their arms around each other in unison and pressed each other together as they took turns sucking on each other's tongues. Their erect identical dicks pressed firmly together, causing them to twitch at the glorious friction, making them to moan even louder. They began to rub the two together by simply grinding, which lead to another level of ecstasy being felt. Before they knew it, they had stopped kissing, and rested their heads on each other's shoulders, as they couldn't handle they amount of sheer pleasure they felt, and kiss at the same time. They had begun to rub the heads of their identical dicks by rotating the heads around each other. Before long, they felt the twitching begin, and quickly pressed the heads of the heads of their identical dicks together as they began to ejaculate simultaneously onto each other, resulting in a white ooze leaking on the floor.

"That was intense." George's duplicate said, panting.

"That was incredible. Let's take this to the bedroom." George said, leading his duplicate in the room, closing the door behind him, turning on the lights, and pushing his other self on the bed. "Ready for round two George?" He asked anxious to continue.

"Absolutely, but why am I on the bottom?" His duplicate asked.

"You'll get your turn. For now, just let me explore my own body." George said.

George then, pressed his body to his other self, and began to grind their equally gooey dicks together. Their identical bodies were pressed firmly together; pecs to pecs, abs on abs, hard cock to hard cock, tip to tip, balls to balls, and toes to toes. The two moaned loudly at the keen friction. Every part of their identical bodies were rubbing each other, all the while, they kissed feverishly. The both felt that they were on cloud nine.

After a long while, George broke off from the kissing, and began to kiss down his other self's body, avoiding his dick, and moving down his legs to his ankles, where George lifted his duplicate's legs to his mouth, and looking right at his other self.

"Thank god we share the same fetishes." George said, right before he began to lick every inch of his own self's feet, and brushing his tongue in between each of his duplicate's toes.

"That was amazing. Now it's my turn." His duplicate said, before switching positions with George.

George then felt the erotic ecstasy of having everything he did to his other self, done to him. The two moaned loudly as George made out feverishly with his other self, and his duplicate pressed their identical bodies firmly together. George relived the moment of having his entire body rubbing his duplicate's, only now he was on the receiving end, and mentally compared the two positions, but couldn't decide which felt better. All George could think of was how much he enjoyed having his dick rubbing against his duplicate's, while he simultaneously enjoyed the sensation of their balls pressed together while at the same time, they rubbed their feet together.

His duplicate then suddenly broke the kiss, and kissed his way down George's body, avoiding his dick, and going from his legs, to his ankles, where he lifted George's legs to his mouth and looked right at George.

"You're really going to enjoy this." His duplicate said, before he licked every inch of George's feet, and brushed his tongue in between each of George's toes.

"That was amazing. Way better than just jerking off." George said after he and his duplicate laid next to each other after their sexual activity.

"Yeah, we can can add this to the list of benefits to being two people." His duplicate said. After that, the two drifted of, and fell fast asleep.

In the morning, George woke up, but was greatly disappointed to see that his other self was nowhere to be seen, but he did, however find the mysterious rock where he last left it, and it was back to flickering pink static. George then picked up the rock, and held it to his face.

"How the hell do I get you to work?" He asked himself aloud.









A Tale of Two George Flinns_(0)